In Eldersfield Chapter 2: Monument to Charlie Chaplin at the National Picture Theatre, Hull is an inter-generational performance project and 16mm film with optical soundtrack created with performance company Kings of England.

Monument is a 20 minute 16mm film and original soundtrack shot in the shadow of the ruins of the National Picture Theatre in Hull.

The film follows five young people between childhood and adolescence as they travel through the city and perform a homage to the famous Globe scene from Chaplin’s satire The Great Dictator.

The company worked with young people from Hull Truck Theatre throughout the development of the work and filming process as well as older residents from the city who have lived through the Blitz.

Monument is the second chapter of In Eldersfield, a ten-chapter cycle of performances exploring the critical heritage of the twentieth century.

Dates: Summer-Autumn 2013, Hull Truck Theatre, Hull and Whitechapel Gallery, London. 

National tour, 2014-15.